Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

     I got to do this cake for an office Halloween party on Friday.

     Typically, I might be shown something to be inspired by to create a design. This time, I was asked to duplicate a cake found in the 2011 Wilton Yearbook. It's nearly copy-cat, but I recommended we add purple to the middle tier. And this was the result!

     It was NOT an easy go-round with this project! First, the cake kept cracking. Then the icing wouldn't smooth. Then the fondant was tearing. I couldn't get my head wrapped around all these mishaps! I was freaking out. But then, I got a good night's sleep after fixing the fondant. And I just kept going. For the first time in a very LONG while, I had serious doubts about my abilities. With the support and cheering of loved ones, and my cake friends on Facebook, I persevered. I overcame the hurdles, and made a lot of people happy as a result. We just keep pressing on. I get it!

    Cake finished, washed up, we delivered the cake. Oooh's and Ahhh's while I finished the set up, and set out some business cards. Camera phones clicked, the business cards started disappearing! The receptionist sent a global email to the entire facility, and the people came in droves! Within and hour, the cake (which serves almost 100) was GONE!

    I think they liked it! Hope you do too :)

    I also hope you all have had a safe and fun Halloween!
    On to the busiest two months I'll see for a while! Bring it ON!