Thursday, December 2, 2010

Friendship, inspiration, and blogging...

     Hi everybody!

     I'm still very new to blogging, as you can tell. :-\  I'm in the thick of the holiday baking rush, (cookies are my latest'll see why below) having a great time, so I don't take much time to learn more about effective blogging.

     Though I do READ a boatload of blogs, and gawk at the eye-catching layouts, the regular witicisms, creativity, and something else I found interesting...GIVEAWAYS!!

     Who'd have BRIBE followers to keep coming back, and spread the word to their friends? Sounds good to me! LOL

     While I find my way here, creating a "hook" to bring people to my own blog, I do have a handful of you that support what I do, and sometimes what I have to say. And for the love and support, I'm very grateful!

      To celebrate my first nearly 3 months of blogging, and in the spirit of the season, I'd like to introduce you to a fantastic blogger! Callye's an AMAZING cookie artist, and writes The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle. She's generous with her creativity to a fault, and I just love her for it! Look at these cookies on her latest entry...

Holiday Collection by SugarBelle's
     Check her blog out. Even if you don't bake a'll marvel at her artistry never ending! And for a couple of days, she's doing a giveaway, too! Cooking/baking books are a passion of mine, a quick-growing collection in our house, so I was thrilled to see what my friend is doing! Again, even if you don't bake, we ALL know someone who does, so if you enter, you'd have a great gift to give for the holidays! (NO, this is not a pitch to have my friends win it for ME...I've already entered! LOL). I want to share with y'all some incredible talent, and a great person.

    So there ya have it...go, read, enjoy, and share!  I'll be back in a couple days, sharing some more myself.



  1. You are AWESOME! I am getting very emotional over here. I am glad to have met you. I have only seen one of your cookies and I am sitting here wondering how I can even impress you a smidgen. I would not make that cookie if I TRIED! I am a cookie girl. YOu are a pastry chef!

    and LOL, at the VERY true. I have been researching how to build a blog, and the number one tio is free stuff...who'd have thunk...

  2. Look at your work again, Callye...and SEE what you do...THAT's how you impress! That, and more importantly, being the person you are. Great combo, if you ask me.
    And ok, you might not try the cookie I did...but you think if things I wouldn't dream of!
    So, mutual admiration aside (LOL), I'm glad we've met too. Sharing creativity, and sweets is a great bond!
    Happy baking to you, Callye :)

  3. Yeah, I wish I were! LOL This holiday season, with no "rush! rush!" feeling, I got really lazy :(
    I'll be up and at 'em again within the week, and promise to not drop off the radar like this!